February 19, 2007

leaving it all behind

the "breakup" analogy came to mind again - i'm not sure i could get my idea across very well through the written word, but i think part of what she is feeling is the same as what we all feel when we go through a breakup - we miss that person, we want to call them, see them, hug them one last time, we want to make everything "ok" ...and we want to see and be with their family as well...it's hard to separate yourself from someone (or in her case - so many people) that you love. even though she's following her dream and taking on such a huge challenge/adventure, it's hard to walk away from the people you love - in breakups a lot of times we may know that it's the right thing for ourselves, but it still hurts and is hard, because you do care about that person. I can't imagine how she is feeling, but the breakup analogy is the closest I can get to wrapping my mind around it. I wish I could do something.

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