May 21, 2007

Babel (movie review)

Two Thumbs Up!
Her Own Judgement Magazine

Based solely on its Academy Award nominations, I decided to use my $5.00 gift card to Blockbuster to rent Babel. It was a good decision. I brought the movie home with the vague understanding that it was about social privleges. The movie follows the story-line of 4 different people (or pair of people). Each was a part of a different social class and structure and dealt with some monumental problem. Due to foreshadowing, there were parts in the movie where I knew exactly what was going to happen, yet I felt anxious and nervous and was still startled at the events. I felt sympathy, discomfort, anxiety, and sadness throughout the movie...that's a lot of emotion. Overall, I think this is a pretty poorly written review of a really great movie.

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