July 13, 2007


Katie & I were discussing the many advantages of having a boy in the house. here are a few aptly named jobs that the male of the house performs:

short-shower taker

of course, being the lady of the house, it becomes my responsibility to take on all of these roles - along with the girl jobs...

eating bon-bons and watching soap operas. (Uh-huh, right! not a day in my life)!

good thing I'm a quick learner & at least semi-mechanically inclined. (what? you want proof of mechanical inclination... how about fixing my water heater for $7...with the help of my dad, yes. how about using electrical ties to fix the broken clothes hanger bar. that's right, i'm not only mechanically inclined, i'm also a genius!)
ok, i'll stop patting my back. it's almost the weekend...have a good one, all!

1 comment:

Ed Kohler said...

I'm a male bon bon eater, so where does that leave me?