July 9, 2007

Purple Rain

Make-up done at the Mac Counter: free
Dinner at Chipotle: $5.40
Prince Concert Ticket: $92.00
Seeing Prince live in concert: (nearly) priceless
Target Center accoustics: not worth a penny

After 5 hours of primping, preening, and general running-about, Katie & I were headed to pick up Dan for our concert extravaganza. The traffic was horrendous as we neared the Target Center, the heat was sweltering as we stood in line, and the seats were definite contenders for the nose-bleed title. We didn't care, all that mattered was we were going to see Prince. Although the show started an hour and a half late...it was well worth the wait.

The much anticipated performance was phenomenal! Prince knows how to put on a good show. He opened with the much acclaimed (and one of my faves)...Purple Rain, it set the tone for the night! A fantastic mix of new and classic-Prince music provided great variety and entertainment.

In all honesty, a year and a half ago I was not much of a Prince fan. I liked some of his music alright, but would never have forked over the cash to see him in concert. But last winter (for my birthday) Jennie & Katie & I went to see a last minute concert of Prince's protege, Tamar, where Prince played guitar. Tamar put on a good show and has an amazing voice - but the real musical treat was Prince's astronomical guitar-playing skills. OMG!!! Seriously, unreal! I'm by no means a music buff, not even close...but when Prince picks up that guitar - WOW, it totally turns me on! Needless to say when I heard about the concert, I was in for sure. No doubts.

Prince was not the only outstandingly talented musician present on Saturday night. Guitarist, Wendy Melvoin played some fabulous duets with Prince. And there was an outrageous saxaphonist who played a stellar instrumental rendition of What a Wonderful World - absolutely AMAZING! (Sadly, I don't know who he is.)and Sheila E...holy cats, she's spunky & can really hammer the drums. She rocked super hard with Prince! i am continuously amazed at how Prince can play the guitar! it takes me to another place, a different world, where his fingers rip across the cords sending shivers through my body. I think Katie put it best when she said "Prince owns sex." No doubt! Prince does own sex. Despite his small size and flawless look...Prince has an aura about him that extrudes confidence and, well, ownership. he's certainly a force.

I always had an impression of Prince being pompous, and actually, I thought he was a spoiled brat. (and I've heard rumors to that effect) But, as I saw him play Saturday night, he had this look on his face, a slight smirk at the corners of his mouth. he LOVES playing the guitar, LOVES singing, LOVES performing...and I think it was even sweeter for him to be back in Minneapolis. watching such a talented musician , who really loves it, perform is really what the music experience is about.

I don't think I want to go to any more concerts at Target Center...but I would certainly see Prince perform again!

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