September 6, 2007

spin me around

whew! Sorry I've been missing, kids.
I can't tell you how busy the last few weeks have been. I was barely able to come up for air some days. In three weeks I put in 50+ hours of overtime. That may or may not sound like much to some of you, but believe kicked my ass. Between crazy deadlines at work and being pulled in multiple directions trying to get everything done and keep both of my bosses happy, we also had our last softball game of the season. It was a really great game, but unfortunately I wasn't able to hang out with my team afterwards for the last summer night at the Corner Bar, I had to drop my recently mangled car off to be fixed (I got into an accident on the way to the game, but everyone is ok...and my car is all fixed up again). With all of the work-work I was doing, I couldnt even fit in time to work for my Mom (my part-time gig), so now I'm frantically playing catch-up with that. In the past few weeks I've found myself saying "keep going, you'll get through this and things will settle down again..." and now things are settling down again. And now I've got to catch up on the rest of my life. I've got friends to see, shopping to do (grocery and other), there's fun to be had, sleep, and so on. I have to say that the huge time-consuming project finally ended last Tuesday evening. All week I was nervous that I wouldn't be able to follow through on my plans (State Fair, hair cut, and a trip to Chicago). Luckily I managed to do all of those and more! Wednesday night Mike & I went to the State Fair - it was a beautiful warm night and a really great "reward" to a gruiling couple of weeks. I even got to eat my deep fried pickles (YUM). Thursday I worked a half day and enjoyed running around for the entire afternoon, mostly just doing errands that I had been neglecting. Thursday night the whole family packed into the truckster and headed east. The weekend in Chicago visiting my brother was great. The weather was amazing! Family time was fun. Food was great. And we saw and did a log of fun things. Even my one year old nephew was a trooper and night-owl for the whole trip. Even though things had been beyond crazy (and stressful), I managed to survive...and it feels good to have gone through it an now be on the other side.
although, I hope to not be spinning that fast again for quite some time (I'm still catching my breath).

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