December 4, 2007

driving miss angie

last night i drove to uptown for a friend's birthday. the countless stoplights on hennepin avenue made for lots of breaking. the recent snow and cold temperatures left great big patches of ice and slush. even though i left extra space between myself and the cars in front of me, i still felt that grinding moan and slight shudder as i slid on the ice. in anticipation, my heart completely stopped...will my car stop before rearending the car in front of me? my heart suspended its pumping until it was forced to beat again, so rapidly i thought it would pound right out of my chest. my car came to a slow skidding stop, my heart barely had time to recover before i found myself holding my breath, my heart doing the same, questioning if i would stop in time again.

when my car is fish-tailing or spinning in the deep slush, i can usually get out of it fairly easily. i don't generally panic with winter driving, but the inability to stop when and as fast as i want gets my heart pounding.

i swear i had about 20 mini heart attacks last night. this can't be good for my health. so, for health reasons, during the winter months i think i will take up a driver.
think i can get my insurance to pay for this?

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