December 17, 2007

drops of jupiter in her ha-air

one of my dearest friends is home on a short holiday stay from her reign as a peace corps volunteer in Paraguay. yesterday morning 2 other close friends of hers and I met her at the airport (with her family). I was overwhelmed with the idea of seeing her. Had I not been so completely tired I'm certain I would have been a puddle of tears long before I was. When she left for Paraguay, I was very lost, at least at first. If you know her, you know how amazing she is. She knows just what to say and she cries right with you. She knows when to make you laugh and when to just let you rant. She's just as excited for our successes as she is for her own. She seems to have friend-tuition. She is so very amazing. And to be able to hug her and cry with her and see her in person yesterday was incredibly surreal, and phenomenal.
Last night a bunch of her close friends had dinner at her parents house. We listened to stories of her site, adventures she's been on, and about her fiance. While my friend was off making the world better, she fell in love. It's so amazing, you can see the happiness on her face. The pure joy she has from finding "the one" and the enjoyment she is getting from helping people and fulfilling her dreams. It makes my heart bigger to see my friend doing so well.
I have so much I want to say about her, what her friendship means to me, and about seeing her yesterday. But I'm sad to say my words fail me. For now I will say, she's perhaps the most amazing person I have ever know, she's the greatest friend in the world, and I am overwhelmed with joy and pride for who she is.
I am a far greater person for knowing her.

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