December 20, 2007

new discoveries

we all know i am not a music goddess. far from it, if anything, i'm perhaps the court jester of musicology. (it's ok, am very smart in the cooking world.) yesterday i was web hopping and came across a new site that just might boost my music prowess to a new level - perhaps soon will be upgraded to a lady-in-waiting (musically speaking of course). am somewhat hesitant in divulging my musical fountain of knowledge (although, many of you probably already know about it). i feel that this wealth shall be shared throughout the lands... basically i get to play dj...and i can vary my music-choices as frequently as i want. this morning i'm in a mellow jayhawks kinda mood. yesterday i was all about weezer. but the cool thing is, i create a radio station based on one or several musicians that i like. pandora then reaches into her box (i was trying to make this funny, not sexual, you sick people!) and plays music that is similar to the artists i chose, inevitably introducing even the top music buffs to new stuff - imagine the great effect pandora can have on me! and it's FREE (my absolute favorite 4-letter word...well, perhaps besides LOVE). anyway, am now in LOVE with my FREE (and bottomless) music well.
now that my musical knowledge is certain to sky-rocket (except, this does not guarantee that i will actually remember who sings anything) and my cooking know-how is so vast, am certain to be even more talkative than usual. (uh-oh, this could be bad for anyone else!)

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Tim said...

A little birdie miiiight have told you about that site a long time ago, but you found it on your own and like it so way to go. :) It's a fun site.