January 9, 2008

dream a little dream

i have been having the weirdest dreams lately...which is odd, because normally i don't remember my dreams at all. last nights dream may take the cake, though. i dreamt that i was going to buy a cordless drill for about $8. WHAT? who (literally) dreams about buying a drill? apparently i do. and the dream was so real, i had to remind myself this morning that i don't own a drill.
the dream couldn't have been about some really great shoes or a new outfit...nope, a cordless drill. either home-ownership is taking over my life, or ...actually i can't think of any other possible reason to dream about a drill.
maybe i have been doing too many house-things recently. sunday i did make my brother-in-law (bil) come over and drill holes and hang shelves for me. bil was happy to do so, it didn't take him very long, he got to be useful, and i fed him a very yummy dinner. i also just re-arranged my living room furniture, which opened up some wall space for a photo collage that i assembled last night.
i go through spurts of home-work, and lately i've been on a pretty good roll. nothing major, my house doesn't need any real major work. but i rearranged the furniture, which made me have to re-hang a picture (did that one on my own - and it's a large painting). bought some shelves and had bil help hang them. i also built an extension for one of my closet shelves. plus the photo collage (and another one for upstairs). i've also been thinking about doing some painting. ah, the homeowners work is never done. but i must say, i think i've mastered the art of caulking! yeah, i rule!
i suppose tonight i'll dream about paint rollers and drop clothes. what's a girl to do?

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