January 13, 2008

pbr me

no, i don't want a pabst blue ribbon. saturday night, i went to watch the Professional Bull Riders (pbr) competition at the target center. it was a really good time! watching cowboys hold on for dear life for 8 seconds. watching bulls buck and jump. seeing the coral horse get head-butted by an angry bull. all in good fun...mostly because none of the riders were seriously injured (and don't worry, animal rights activists, the bulls are humanely treated). an 18 year old kid won the competition...he looked so young and wore a helmet (i'm sure at his mother's request), i could hardly believe this peanut of a young'en was the pbr champ. amazing. he rode that buckin' bull like a rock star. after the pbr competition, r & i headed to epic (formerly quest) for some good rock-tinged country music. the intro band was more country than the headliners. but, really, you can't beat free admission and $3 domestics with live music. we had a good time watching all the cowboys and girls line dancing and two-steppin. sometimes i think two-steppin is in the cowboy handbook, 'cause those boys sure know how to dance. we heard some great country old-school favorites, and some new good tunes (of which i hadn't heard). all-in-all it was a good time. i love going to do new and different things...and, well the pbr championship was certainly new and different. good times, good times.

friday night was a great time too! e & i rushed tickets to Avenue Q, a musical at the state theatre. neither of us had any idea how funny of a show it would be. it was a great performance! i had never rushed a performance before, but we got pretty good seats at a very reasonable price - theatre-going can actually be affordable this way. it was a great time hanging with e, too. we had drinks and aps before hand, and we had a good chance to chat, which we don't seem to get to do very often. i really appreciate this opportunity to get to know my friend a little better, and to catch-up on life with her.

i had an eventful, and very great weekend!

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