March 19, 2008

baby you can drive my car

today was a bit crazy! c was nice enough to take me to work, since my car needed new rear struts. i drove to the automotive place...except their office was cleaned out - not a single chair, phone, NOTHING. uh, ok. i just talked to you two days ago...where'd you go?!?! luckily i remembered their phone number. turns out they moved a few miles away. (note to business owners: when you re-locate, leave a note at the old place, so people aren't totally lost and confused like i was). i called c to tell her the change of location. however, when i arrived, the name of the place was completely different! (apparently the small place was bought out by a bigger automotive center). i called c again, she laughed because she saw me, and was just pulling in. so we got the car dropped off and were off to work. i had made a general morning appointment for my car, so was surprised when i hadn't heard from the mechanics by lunch time. new struts were only supposed to take about 2 hours to put in. at 1:30, i called for an update: yep, 30-60 more minutes. c was getting antsy to get out of there, so i called again at exactly 2:30. hi, just calling to check on my car. you're the struts, right? yep. just about done, we'll be done by the time you get here. (am i the annoying girl who calls so much they know just who i am without getting my name? oopie)
c takes me back to get my car. the new struts were $200 less than the first estimate i got (pays to shop around). man, i love a good deal! as i walked through the beautiful sunshine towards my car, a mechanic turns towards me and announces: I love your car! i figure i must've made a good choice for a car-guy to so enthusiastically applaud my wheels. YAY! that put a nice big smile on my face. i open the sun roof and enjoy the sunshine and warmer spring air on my drive back to work. turns out having my car worked on was one of the highlights of my day. (which is very odd.)
there was another highlight, but i don't know how it turns out yet, so i'm gonna keep that one to myself.

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