March 17, 2008

boys like girls, girls like conversations

boy vs. girl
oddly the personality differences of boys vs girls has come up a lot in conversation lately...both with guy and gal pals.
boys talk sports, movies, latest news headlines
girls talk about everything, including feelings
boys can catch-up, after not seeing each other for weeks, in about 30 seconds
girls need hours to catch-up, after not seeing each other for days
boys ask the latest score of the games
girls ask, and ask, and ask, and ask questions
boys ponder and decide, usually within a few minutes, maybe an hour
girls ponder, ask, discuss, consult, ponder, weigh options, discuss, poll opinions, ask and discuss, ponder - then decide
boys can pick between two
girls need lots of options, to make sure we've made the right choice
boys buy
girls shop
boys take things for what they are
girls search for the hidden meaning, because we are certain there is one
boys tell you to your face when they're mad at you
girls need to vent to their bff
boys need to be alone, work out, or watch-tv after a bad day
girls cry
boys think practical
girls think accessories
boys listen
girls talk
boys are analytical
girls are feelings and instincts
boys are just do it, no directions
girls are read the directions, do it correctly
boys punch you and it's done
girls are still mad about the disagreement last week

sometimes i think it would be way easier to be a boy, things are more cut-and-dry...but then i think about how i'm allowed to cry at hallmark commercials and about how i love talking with my girlfriends, and all is right with the world.