March 27, 2008

full frontal

Dear faint-of-heart and male readers, I caution you about the following content. If your squimish at all, do NOT read on.

This morning on the Half-Assed Morning Show, 3 men performed a beauty regimen on-air to prove their pain threshold. They were given the equivelant of a bikini wax. The Testis Strip (that’s a pun on test, work with me people) was performed on the baby baskets (as the morning crew so aptly named it). I can only empathize about how uncomfortable and painful this Testis Strip was for the 3 men. However, when the real challenge came about, each of the men had 2 strips of hair pulled off from the FUPA (morning crews description, not mine) area. I only heard the first two men get waxed, and perhaps they were playing to the morning show fans, but they yelped out, pretty loudly, in pain after each pull.

I got a good chuckle at the description of what was going on in the studio. 3 men, naked from the waist down with 2 female estheticians and 2 male dj’s all in the room witnessing the waxing event.

I really got to laughing, thinking about these manly-men proving their pain threshold by getting 2 wax strips pulled off. Trust me when I say that yelling out in pain at the salon during a bikini wax would be frowned upon heavily. Not to mention that it takes more than just 2 strips. Did the half-assed morning show just prove that women’s pain threshold is higher than men’s? Interesting.

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willikat said...

women can definitely take more pain than men. i do believe that was proven scientifically somewhere. :)