March 3, 2008


what a weekend! friday night, went downtown dancing with my girls. great times...many laughs...awesome dance drinks...sore feet. we all felt our carefree post-college adolescence slip away just a little bit more as we limped to the car, our feet throbbing from 4+ hours of dancing in 3inch heels. we wondered how we would recover. it was a great night out. complete with the usual creepy guy who lurks and lingers a little too long. it was our last hurrah send-off before M heads to sweden. it was a good last hurrah.
saturday was packed with cooking and straightening, prepping for the bday festivites. oh, and 2 hours at urgent care & a couple of stitches. oopie! i broke a bowl and sliced the palm of my hand pretty good. i wouldn't have needed stitches, but the palm is such a hard place to heal a wound. so i was sewed up. i'm ok. it doesn't hurt much, more just a nuissance. i've got my thumb buddy-taped to my hand, so my right hand is mostly non-usable. showing and brushing my teeth left handed is, well, interesting. so far i'm managing.
saturday night was super fun! a bunch (and i mean a bunch) of friends showed up at my house for snacks & drinking before we headed to a local watering hole. thanks all who made it out! i really appreciate each of you, and you all made my night! despite my gimpy hand, i danced, sang-along, drank, socialized, and hung with great friends saturday night. we saw orange whip (a cover band) play - they were phenomenal! such great times. i even got r on the dance floor with me, for a bit. i was a little kaniving (sp?) on that one...i made a deal with him that if they played def leopard pour some sugar on me, that he should dance. he reluctantly agreed, wouldn't ya know, that was the next song! (perfect timing!) he sheepishly asked if i had requested the song...i smiled and nodded, yep - sure had.
i was over-whelmed with how many people turned out for my birthday party. really. great. night. thanks friends! they all sang happy birthday to me...during which i was overly aware of being the center of attention and unsure what to do with myself. i think this won as the best bday party i've ever had!

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Stacy said...

I'm glad you had a great night! You definitely deserved it!!! :)