July 29, 2008

kitchen sink

i don't have anything particular to post about...so, you're getting a little bit of everything, including the kitchen sink! that's right, folks. it's a one-time, must call with-in the next 10 minutes to get his really fantastic deal AND we'll pay your shipping and handling. (ok, you don't really have to call and there is no S&H. sorry to go all infomercial on you.)

  1. sometimes i'm really strange. this particularly happens when i'm over-tired. i'm not really overtired today, but i'm in one of my giddy, crazy silly moods. i think it's because i'm excited.
  2. don't worry, i'll get to why i'm excited later in the post.
  3. this summer has been un-believably busy. every summer seems to be crazy-busy, but i swear this one is at least twice as busy as any other summer i can remember. i think i've been home, hanging out (not working) maybe 4 evenings all summer...maybe.
  4. i've fallen in love with sushi this summer. thanks to the friends that introduced me and have helped cultivate this new-found culinary delight for me.
  5. speaking of culinary adventures... i had orientation at a cooking school yesterday. i'm not signing up to become a chef or anything like that (although, that is my dream-job, minus the dishes and working weekends). i'm going to be a kitchen assistant, helping out with private events and cooking classes. it sounds so very cool...and thanks to A for suggesting it to me.
  6. grilled vegetables are one of my favorite summer pleasures (along with sweet-smelling breezes, and warm sunshine). toss chopped veggies with a little olive oil, salt and pepper, and perhaps a spice or two, grill em up and yum! (i finished up my leftovers for lunch today, and they were great!)
  7. my 2 yo nephew and i hung out on sunday afternoon. we chased each other around the yard, swung, and sang nursery rhyme-type songs. when it was time for me to leave, he refused to say goodbye or give me a hug. he just shouted my name when i went to close the door, but then would say nothing when i re-opened the door and asked what. my departure culminated in him having a melt-down 'cause "ancheee" was leaving. it was sad, but also really sweet, since he'd obviously had fun with me.
  8. my nephew will be a big brother sometime today or tonight. that's why i'm too excited to sleep (and in such a silly mood). my sister is currently being induced into labor, should be anywhere between right now (2 hours from the start of inducing) and 20 hours to when she has the baby. i'm praying that everything goes perfectly and i can't hardly wait to hear if i have a new niece or nephew. i'll let you know.
  9. you know you're in good company when you spend an entire day with your friends, doing nothing in particular and have a super great time doing it. last saturday a few firends and i floated around on the lake, played games, and spent the entire day together. it was a super great time, filled with laughs, good chatter, and great company.
  10. i had to make it to # 10 (even though #2 wasn't exactly a separate point). i may be out of things to say, though. eeeks. hmm, well, the softball team has it's first play-off game for summer league tomorrow night. wish us luck! we're even extending our ball-playin' into the fall this year. 3 sessions of softball is the most we've ever attempted. i think all of our hard-work (and by that i mean beer drinking) and strong skills (drinking before, during, and after the games) are really starting to pay off, and should pull us through another season in '08 (happy hour and post-game bar-time included).
  11. (again, not really a separate item) this is my 3rd season with the softball team and i have to say: what an amazing group of people! even the kids who don't play on the team, but i've met because of the team are super great. everyone is friendly, fun, and just good people. i'm really happy i've found such a great group of people to call my friends. (tear.)
  12. yes, i know, #11 was kinda sappy...sorry. i really have great friends & teammates, though. really.
  13. this is auntie ancheee signing off for now, back with more breaking news - when it happens. now for a brief message from our sponsor, the number of the day: 13.