July 15, 2008

non-emergency, emergency

him: police and fire, how can i help you?
me: hi. i'd like to report a stop light being out.
him (very unthusiastic): um, ok. where is it?
me: at the corner of x and y. sorry, i realize this isn't an emergency, really. but i couldn't find any non-emergency number to call.
him: yeah. ok, we'll send someone out in the morning.
me (in my head): (uh, in the morning? ok, but people will be driving through it since it's dark out, hence why i called). ok. thanks.
him: which corner is it on?
me: um, at the intersection of x and y.
him: right, but which corner. north, east, south, west?
me: um, i guess it's east of y. but, it's all four directions, the whole stoplight it out.
him: oh, a stoplight? you said street light. ok, we'll take care of it.
me: thanks.

he must have thought i was a whack-job calling 911 to tell them a street light was out. no, dude, the stoplight. the stoplight i just watched someone drive straight through because they couldn't see it in the dark.
also, still have no phone number for non-emergency police. i looked through the phone book for about 10 minutes last night, before grouchily calling 911. this morning there were stop signs up at the intersection.

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