July 9, 2008

Strip Club

had dinner with a friend at the strip club last night (what? they have steaks). i think it's a phenomenal name for a restaurant, such a conversation piece. the questionable, suggestive nature of the name makes me smile, and the place held up to its great name. the food was amazing! the place is small, intimate, sweet, and reminiscent of the victorian era with the intricate wood and iron detail on the stairs and bar. the darkened room with the red and black motif was a hint of an old west parlour. the wait staff was very kind, friendly and just animated enough (not annoyingly so). even one of the cooks stopped by to ask how our meal was. i almost felt like a regular or part of the family there. i had the duck and D had a steak, we both were very impressed with our meals. to top it all off, the rhubarb pie was an excellent choice. all of the beef is locally bought in MN and grass fed. the strip club does its best to support local farmers and fare, including the tap beer, which is brewed in WI. as the sun went down, the front blinds were pulled up, revealing a breath-taking view of downtown saint paul. it isn't often that the saint paul skyline is viewed, being that most of the focus in the twin cities is on minneapolis. i was rather awed by this perspective and sight. we were seated on the street-level and still had an incredible view. the restaurant also offers upstairs seating, i can only imagine how great the view is from there. my company for the evening was splendid as well. it's always great to spend some one-on-one time with a friend and get to know them even better. Cheers to D's new job and our excuse to to try a fabulous new place!

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