August 1, 2008

sweetest thing

I have a couple of pictures of the new baby. She came home from the hospital yesterday.

This is Maddie, my 3 day old niece.
Here she is with her very proud big brother, Jack:

I'm very proud of my nephew and niece. I think they are both adorable, and a lot of fun.

We took Jack to the zoo yesterday. He always makes me smile. He's totally inquisitive, mostly fearless, and very adventurous. He gawked at the bears, laughed at the monkeys, pointed out "puppies" (prairie dogs) and loved the farm animals. He even brushed a goat! This two little darlings are really, really fantastic!

When we got back to Jack's house (the first time he'd been home since Tuesday, when my sister went into labor) he saw his mom holding the baby. He immediately walked over and stretched his arms up and said "baby, mommy?" He wanted to hold the baby, first thing. It was so cute! I'm sure more Jack and Maddie stories are to I hope you find them endearing (or something that's good).

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doahleigh said...

So so sweet!