August 27, 2008

where'd the funny go?

is it under the couch?
is it hiding under my desk?
hmm. in the closet?
not there either.
well, then, where'd it go?

i realize i haven't posted anything funny in a really long, well, um...forever i guess. maybe i was never funny (oh sad day!). well, i guess you'll have to settle for a few slightly amusing anicdotes, 'cause the funny's missing.

i drafted my fantasy football team on sunday. oh the excitement! i think i got a pretty decent team, but ya never really know until about 2 weeks before playoffs whether your player selections were successful. i did get one of the top 2 running backs, though. ladanian tomlinson, i hope, will be a star on my FF team this year. kinda glad i didn't end up with MN Viking adrian peterson, i've heard he's going to be a bust despite being the other of the top 2 rbs. this was my first time drafting all by myself. i thought i'd done my homework, and i was well-prepared for about my first 6 picks. things got a little harry after that. i had trouble keeping up with who was already picked, what position to fill next, what my next move should be. all-in-all, though, i did end up with 15 players, no bye-week screw-ups (when all of one position is on bye the same week), and i filled all positions necessary. i have to pick up another kicker after week 1.

anyway, my draft story is semi-relevant. monday night i went to watch a softball game with my roommie. after the game we all went out for a drink, since the majority of people there were male, sports was a hot topic of conversation. i laughed when one of the boys asked C (my roommie) about the Hills. they merrily chatted away, while other boys chimed in. i quietly ate some chips and salsa and drank my beer. eventually one of the other boys asked his buddy about his fantasy football draft...i was happy to join in on that conversation. talk about role-reversal. i was so much more inclined to talk about FF and the upcoming football season than the drama mtv series.

i think i often surprise boys with my love for sports...and that i know what the hell i'm talking about. i'm equally as shocked when i can't make sports-conversation with boys. um, do you not get ESPN? 'cause you should pay your cable bill! a few weeks ago (mid brett favre conundrum) i was chatting with a fellow, i asked his opinion on the favre situation. he back peddled and threw out a few comments, which he most likely picked up from yahoo headlines or the local news. then he changed the subject. hmm, ok, not a sports guy. he later admitted he's more of a baseball and golf guy. i figure, low testosterone levels if the guy doesn't love the great american sport of football. whatevs.

that reminds me, i recently got into an actual physical fight with a guy friend of mine who prefers futbol over football. (ok, so it was play fighting, which resulted in me being carried around the front yard.) anyway, if you like futbol, fine, i'm not gonna knock ya. but, really, who can pass up a sunday afternoon eating nachos (or some other football-appropriate food) and watching a good football game? not this girl. anyway, enough about football...sorry the funny's been on hiatus, hopefully it'll return soon.
adios muchachos.

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