November 3, 2008

O' Fun

it was a fun-filled weekend! friday, in honor of halloween, i wore my devil horns all day. a few people laughed, got some enjoyment out of it. it was totally worth it. in the evening, i met up with a college friend and headed out for a pub crawl. the true meaning of my costume was lost on most people, they thought i was merely a devil. when in fact, i was hell in a hand basket (which i thought was really funny). oh well, a good time was had! i hung with some old friends i hadn't seen in quite a while and enjoyed all the creative and fun costumes.

saturday started off a little slowly, an unusual thing for me. i was taking things easy before my night o' hockey. (somehow this post seems more irish than halloweeney, with all the O' ing.) i headed to the arena for two college hockey games. it was a MN showcase event, with my alma matter playing first - winning 5-1 followed by my favorite (the MN gophers) playing in the second game (winning 5-2). you really can't top 2 great hockey games in one night, but i also spent time with some good friends and family. fantastic.

the weather here was absolutely amazing this weekend! near 70 both days and bright's November in MN, this is a rare treat! today is still wonderful, making my office rather warm. i'm a little sad i wont get out to play in the sunshine today, i hear it'll be 36 and snowy on friday. a 40-degree temperature swing in a few days, oh mn, we never know what to expect from you.

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