March 18, 2009

hippity hop

warning: a mish-mash of thoughts below.
sometimes I wonder what people did at work before the internet. when i'm not busy, when i need a mental break, when i need to de-stress, or some inspiration...i turn to the internet. not a single work day goes by that i don't go online for something. some days i'm immensely grateful for the popularity of blogging. what a great way to kill time, or take a mental-break.
ever notice how odd "grateful" is - why is it spelled differently than great + full??? (it's spelled like a way to make food into small shreds, not like something that's above average - weird.)
sometimes i have these great ideas, but i'm not able to write them down, so i attempt to make a mental note. of course, i tend to lose those mental notes, and completely forget what the idea was. i think i have a stack of mental post-it notes scattered, half-hazardly throughout my brain. i actually remember one of those thoughts...amazing! (seriously, you have NO idea!)
i was thinking about trying new things, and how doing so has improved my life. it occured to me: when you go out on a limb, sometimes it breaks and you fall, but sometimes you are able to climb higher, to new heights. i have found many opportunities and friendships by climbing out onto those limbs.
i think technology is great, but sometimes we depend on it too heavily. it used to be that you had to call someone, or see them in person to discuss a sensitive matter. now, you can text or email them. taking the pressure off of yourself, allowing them time to contemplate and respond. of course, both texting and email have their purpose and serve a great function. i think sometimes, they are a cop-out, though. i don't understand how people can have an entire conversation with text messages. an hour of back and forth messaging could be taken care of in a 5 minute phone call, without any confusion and little/no misinterpretation. i guess i'm a bit old-fashioned, but i prefer voice-on-voice communication.
I think life gets harder as we get older, because the stakes become higher. With that, though, I think the rewards and happiness get that much better, too.
tomorrow night, the Gophers play UMD to advance to the next round in WCHA men's hockey. the final five playoffs will be underway, starting with my alma-matter and my favorite team. i'm excited that i should be able to watch the game.
turns out the gopher men's basketball team is also in a heated contest tomorrow night. i don't care much about basketball, but it's a big weekend for U of M sports, women's hockey start playoffs as well. i hope i don't anger anyone at the bar when i ask to watch hockey, and not basketball. Go Gophers!
sometimes i think it's funny that i wear skirts and like fashion, but am a big sports girl, too. in a way, it seems contradictory. i'm a girly-girl, but a guys-girl, too. i think people are often surprised by my sports knowledge. i've actually been told that, before.
i also think i have short-term memory disfuncion. perhaps more on that later.
i think this is enough deep thoughts by jack handy for now.

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doahleigh said...

I've always thought that about grateful. It's weird. Yet it drives me crazy when people write "greatful" anyway!