March 2, 2009


The birthday extravaganza weekend has come to an end. It was a packed, fun-filled weekend.
Friday night, my sister and I ventured to the U campus. We hit up Anie's Parlour for a burger and a beer before heading over the Gophers vs. UMD hockey game. The food at Anie's was delicious. The hockey game was decent. I thought it would be fun to see my favorite team (Gophers) play my alum (UMD) on my birthday. The final score was a 2-2 tie. After the game, 2 friends met up for a drink. It was nice to see the friends. Although, our bar of choice had a college sorrority event going on. We felt a little old, watching the drunken college dancing and make-out sessions. $2 beers and the people-watching were a pretty good time, though.
Saturday, I spent most of my day prepping for the evening's events. I ran to the grocery store, tiddied up the house, and put out party supplies. I wanted everything ready to go, so we were set when we returned. A few friends headed out in the afternoon to go tubbing. We made several runs down the snowy slopes. Wind and snow-dust flying in our faces. Laughter, maybe even a few screams. We giggled and had a jolly good time. Once our faces were sufficiently wind-burn and our toes were cold, it was time to head out.
A dinner of pappa murphy's pizzas, cheetos, and veggies sure hit the spot. I had a great evening hanging out, laughing, and talking with friends. The peanut butter chocolate coldstone cake, was a crowd-hit, too.
Yesterday (Saturday), I rounded off my weekend birthday celebration extravaganza with my weekly dinner with my sister's family. She and I trade off hosting dinner. I spent a few hours playing with my niece and nephew. Had a nice dinner, and amazing chocolate chip cake! What a great ending to the birthday weekend! My nephew helped me open my birthday presents, too. Among other exciting gifts, I received a cast iron skillet and a dutch oven. I'm SO excited to get cooking with both of them. Friends who live near-by, don't be surprised if I invite you over... it's much more fun to cook for more than just me.
Thanks to everyone who helped make this a very happy birthday. Whether you celebrated with me, or wished me a happy day...thank you!

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