April 6, 2009

just stop

some people will complain about anything. some people just don't use logical thinking.
sometimes either/both can be frustrating, to say the least.
Sometimes entertaining.

Saturday morning, I set my alarm for 7:40. I disarmed the alarm, burying my head back under the pillow. A shortened version of my usual morning ritual of fighting to climb out of bed. I threw on some yoga pants and put my hair in a half-hazard pony (I wish I owned an appropriate-for-public baseball hat). I brushed my teeth and groggily left the house. I pulled into the Target parking lot at 7:45 am, a few people were already lined up outside the front door. I opted to stay warm in my car for a few more minutes. As a couple other stragglers made their way to the door, I opted to head up. I took my place in line, while the guy who had parked next to me just stood half-hazardly off to the side. Although a line was forming, he opted to stay off to the side, non-conformist.
A 50-ish woman stepped in line behind me, her husband having just dropped her off at the curb. "I heard they already came out to hand out tickets," the woman said with disdain. (We were there for free Twins tickets.) I nodded my head politely at the woman, as I was still in my non-speaking morning haze. She continued on, "I can't believe they did that. It's so unfair." I didn't nod, I ignored the woman's incessant babbling. She rambled on for a bit, about waiting until the proper time (when Target actually opened) to hand out the tickets. I kept my mouth shut and patiently waited.
The Target employee came out, telling us she'd hand out what was left. As she got to me, she handed over the last envelope of coveted Twins tickets. The woman behind me made a low, nearly inaudible, groan. I walked inside to do my shopping. What a ridiculous argument that lady had made. It's unfair to hand out the tickets early? Um, lady, you wouldn't have gotten tickets anyway, those people still would have been infront of you in line. The nice people at Target spared those early-risers from having to wait any longer in the cold. Not one complaint of hers made any sense. I was glad to have my free tickets for the upcoming game, and wondered if it was a bit of karma that I got the last set...leaving groucho empty-handed. Whatever the universe had/has in store for that woman is up to the universe. I'm just glad I got there in time to be rewarded. Thanks Target, I'm excited for the game this week!

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