April 29, 2009

Men's Health

I like Men's Health Magazine, I actually subscribe to their emails "daily dose." I find the information to be useful and informational. Women's Health Magazine just doesn't do it for me. No, it has nothing to do with the half-naked guy pics in the men's magazine. I feel that the information is better. (I've heard other women make the same statement...Men's Health Magazine trumps Women's Health Magazine.) Anyway, most days I read the daily dose, taking in the information, storing it away for future use. I particularly like the "eat this, not that" segments (although, they've made this much more difficult to use than it used to be...I digress). Today, my in-box had an article about Swine Flu. I scanned the article, mostly learning that your risk is pretty low of just randomly catching the disease. Best anti-swine flu practice: washing your hands. (Turns out washing your hands is a good health practice in general.)
Despite reading a Men's magazine, I was caught slightly off-guard by the statement "if you're a dad, you're at greater risk." My initial reaction was to wonder why dads would be at greater risk than moms... so not the case. They just meant that children are germ-factories (being in contact with so many people and things, and not the best at washing their hands frequently)...and being a men's magazine, they were saying that your exposure to children (dad) increases your risk.
I laughed at myself for somehow thinking the magazine was being sexist... nope, I'm just reading a magazine that's geared toward the male population. no harm, no foul.
Thanks MH for all the work-out and health tips!

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