April 30, 2009


a few months ago our building opened a hands-free bathroom. the lights, toilets, sinks, soap, paper towel dispensers - all touch-less. yesterday, i walked up to a bathroom sink and expected the water to just turn on...not so much. I laughed at myself, then turned the water on.
at any rate... this new bathroom has me wondering - how long would I have to stand still before the lights would go back off? how still would I really have to be?
I know, dumb thing to ponder, but I think about it every time I go in there when the lights had been off (they slowly brighten to full-light).
maybe some day, if I'm really bored at work, I'll give it a shot. my guess is about 5 minutes and that I'd have to be pretty still.

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Tim said...

Nothing makes me feel dumber than standing at a sink with an automatic faucet and waving my hands to find the sensor while someone else comes up, washes their hands, and leaves before I get a drop of water out.

The lights in the fitness room at work have a sensor too. Sometimes the lights pop on immediately when I go in and sometimes they'll come on 5 or 10 minutes later. I haven't figured out where the sensor is in there either, but at least no one has seen me wave my limbs around in an attempt to find out.