May 15, 2009


remember that scene from The Karate Kid where Mr. Miagi is trying to catch the fly with chopsticks, then Daniel-son catches the fly on the first try?
Yeah, my chopstick skills are no where near that good. For some reason I really just wanted to reference an 80's movie scene now you get a post about chopsticks. (Try to contain your excitement.)
In the past 9 months or so, I have successfully taught myself how to eat with chopsticks. I find that it ads some allure to eating Asian cuisine. I'd like to say that it makes my dining experience a little more exquisite or elegant, but sometimes I'm sloppy with the chopsticks. I do find it a bit romantic, and certainly fun. Heck, it's even entertaining sometimes. My secret? I have a set of chopsticks at my desk that I pick up and practice with on occasion. When I'm proofreading, or just don't have much to do - chopstick time. Yes, I realize this is at least a little bit ridiculous. Oh well, I thought I was mildly impressive eating my sushi with chopsticks last night.
Now you know my chopstick secret.

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