July 22, 2009

Gamla Stan

Old Stockholm.
After disembarking the ship and making our way back into the city, we began our multi-day tour of Stockholm. Beginning with the oldest part of the city - Gamla Stan, which literally means "Old Stockholm" (or old something). Stockholm is 5 islands, all connected by bridges. The islands are so close together, you hardly realize you are moving from island to island. In Gamla Stan we did a lot of souveneir shopping. Again we partook in Rick Steves' self-guided walking tour.
We saw more churches and statues, including a tiny statue we rubbed for good luck. We were lucky enough to catch the Changing of the Guard at the Castle. A marching band played for about 45 minutes before the shiny helmeted guards ran out in a brief change of guardmanship.
We then wandered to a square where a massacure once took place. It was right in front of the Nobel Museum. Luckily, we also found a lovely place for lunch. The salmon with rice and salad bar (a traditional Swedish lunch) was not only pretty, but delicious!
We stretched our arms from wall-to-wall on the smallest street. We marveled at European fashion trends, I'm not joking when I say Hammer Pants are coming back! Yikes! (we had a few good laughs over the not-flattering saggy-butt pants, too.) After a bit more shopping, we gathered up our luggage (which we were fortunate enough to leave at our friend Scott's office) and headed home. After dinner, we surprised our dear friend, Alaina, with a traditional Swedish Princess cake (for her birthday). She was happily surprised, and we were tastily happy as well. (Scott smuggled the cake home in his suitecase, so it's a little flat on one side.)

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the kilipino said...

dude, i just got a new pair of hammer saggy butt pants last year!

its like the skinny jean extravaganza.... everybody mocked me in 2005, but now they all have them!!