July 13, 2009


Copenhagen, day 2.
The sun is brilliantly flooding our apartment at 6 am, I sleepily find my eye mask to catch a few more winks. Today we set out for the Copenhagen Zoo and Carlsberg Brewery. We find free bikes to ride towards the zoo, which would otherwise be a long walk. The bikes require a 20 kroner deposit, but if you return the bike, you get your money back. We actually don't have the correct change, but the nice bike man (who happened to be unloading new bikes) gave us free bikes to ride. We are excited to be traveling the Danish way, by pedaling.
We spot a golden pretzel (indicating a bakery) and stop for a danish. No Danish danishes available, so we settle for other breakfast items. Ready to continue our trip, we realize the bikes have a zone, which we are well outside of. We opt to hide our bikes at the golden pretzel and return for them later (hoping they will still be there). The zoo is magical. The animals seem happy and awake, roaming about. We saw kangaroos, emus, baby monkeys (who were very spirited), as well as hilarious penguins. The baby elephant was rather entertaining as well. We snapped off several photos before departing for Fredricksberg Have (garden). It was a serene and beautiful park, full of trees and grassy knolls. Many locals were out sunning themselves and enjoying the beautiful day. We found a hotdog stand for a quick lunch, before heading to the brewery. Ordering our hotdogs was the most language trouble we had the whole trip. Luckily, there were pictures to help us communicate. This was one of my favorite hotdogs of the trip (we had a couple), it came with 2 kinds of onions, pickles, and sauces.
We walked through another garden area on our way to the Carlsberg Brewery. I was pretty excited. The tour was mostly reading about the history of Carlsberg. The fun part came at the end, when we got two free beers. I tried a blonde ale, which was delicious, as well as a darker brew, which was also pretty good. After the brewery, we headed back to the golden pretzel in hopes of reclaiming our bikes. Luckily they were still in their hiding spot. We bought desert at the golden pretzel and set out for our hotel. The deserts were phenomenal. We rounded out our evening with dinner at Il Pescato, the Italian restaurant just a few doors down from our apartment. The pizza was delicious. What a fantastic day!

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