July 30, 2009

One year ago...yesterday

I met the sweetest little girl, my brand new niece. After just 2 hours of labor, Madelyn came into this world. When she was only about 3 hours old, I got to hold her. She was tiny, as all newborns are. She wasn't quiet, though. We watched her get changed, she wasn't happy about being naked, just like her big brother. She screamed her little head off. Big brother Jack was slightly scared, he kept saying "Mommy, baby's crying." over and over again. Every time, one of us tried to explain that his sister was crying because she was cold. Jack was very proud when he got to climb into bed with mommy and hold his new baby sister. He posed for pictures with a giant smile on his face. For several minutes he sat, holding her, and smiling. Then he lost interest and nearly threw her on the bed (that's why my sister was supervising).
With some practice and reminders, Jack learned that Madelyn was his sister and would be living with them forever. Suddenly the trio was a foursome. For the most part, he handled the adjustment rather well. He's mostly gentle and kind towards her. Although, not quite up to sharing his toys with her yet. Maddie is now one year old and can say "Mommy" "Daddy" and "Jack". She's very close to walking, but prefers to hold a hand. She's mild manored, except when she's hungry. And, of course, she's absolutely adorable.
Jack reminds us that her name is "Madelyn" not Maddiekins. not little-girl, nor maddie-pants, it's Madelyn. Those two make quite the pair. They've already been a lot of fun to watch growing-up, I can only imagine what's still to come.
Happy First Birthday, Maddie-pants.

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