August 27, 2009

Ring Ring Ring

I was absolutely disappointed and annoyed by my cell phone. Optional working powers, not being able to hear people who called. Turn off, restart...slowly restart. It was just annoying. Not to mention all of the super cool new technology there is out there! (Yes, I'm a little bit of a techno nerd, but NOT a gear-head.) Anyway, I was FINALLY within my time frame to quit my current provider and switch to a new one (without the heinous early termination charges - thanks to McGruff for finding out about the 30-day grace period, or I'd be waiting a couple more weeks). So, I headed over to AT&T and picked up a shiny cute new iPhone. For a Mac user & lover, it was a fairly obvious choice. Although, I did not follow the crowd. I was almost deterred from my purchase because I didn't want to be seen as a band-wagoner. I did a lot of comparison shopping, pricing, service-plan configurations, and so on and so on. Let's just say that I've upped's site meter readings a little bit over the past couple of months.
Anyway, angels singing & all that jazz... I've got a new cell phone. I online shopped for a funky new cover to protect the most expensive phone I've ever purchased (and no, I didn't go balls-out for the 3Gs). My flashy new cover arrived yesterday & I like it very much. Now I'm just waiting for my crazy cheap car charger set to arrive (thank you Amazon). I'm enjoying the cool free aps, internet access, and iPod in one. McGruff (who also has an iPhone) is a bit jealous of my new toy. Since my Sunday phone upgrade, I have been debating a new ringtone. Right now, I'm using a pre-loaded ringer, which actually sounds like old-school stripper music (bada-da-da-da-da-da-dap!). I'm open to suggestions, and thought I'd poll my internet friends on the few ideas I've come up with. In the past I've had "Angie" by the Rolling Stones as well as the "NFL on FOX" theme song as ringers. Current ring tone possibilities:
Cookie Monster singing "C is for Cookie"
The Fraggle Rock theme song
The Scooby Doo theme song
Duck Tails theme song
(yes, I loved cartoons as a kid!)

Let me know which you like best...or if you have any other good ideas.
Thanks for your help internet-world!

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