August 7, 2009

sluten (the end)

For our final day in Sweden, we decided to have a liesurely day, before enjoying the nightlife. We slowly woke up and got ready for our day, making sandwiches and finding snacks for later in the day. We walked quite a ways to the bus, on our way to the beach. The ride was very hot, there is no air conditioning on the buses or trains there, and only some of the buses have windows that open. Near the bus stop for the beach, we saw a few snails hanging out on a sewer cover. One of the snails was rather large and had his cute little head poking out. We walked to the beach, which was mostly an open grassy area, with a small sandy shoreline and a long dock, extending into the water. We laid out our blankets and towels, ready for lunch. Swedeners tend to wear one swimsuite for suntanning and a different one for in the water. Most of the Swedeners, including an older (80's) lady, are rather skilled at changing swimsuites on the beach, with just their towels covering them. Surprisingly (and happily), there were few speedos (a popular swim suite choice among Europeans). We did, however, see one very bronzed old man in a speedo. The beach was a lovely afternoon, spent sunning, reading, chatting, and of course eating frozen treats. We headed home in the late afternoon to prep for our evening out.
After dinner, we primped, primed, laughed and imbibed. Miranda invited over one of her classmate/friends, who had two guests with her as well. We made fast friends (Amy is from the states, but Florian is from France, and Tony is from Italy). After our own dance party in the apartment, and teaching Florian how to use a Twizzler as a straw, we grabbed a few drinks for the walk and headed off. It was a good mile and half, if not longer, walk to the bar. Once we got there, we found a packed club, filled with blue hazzy lights and fog smoke. It was not unlike the bars at home. Except, we were allowed to dance on top of the giant speakers (a member of our crew did fall off one of the said speakers, but she shall remain nameless, yes, she popped right back up and acted like it was part of her dance moves). We ventured into the back room of the bar, which was a whole new bar. Different music, dance floor, everything. Luckily, we found an elevated sitting area that we claimed as our own. Now able to spread out and dance the best we knew how. A few random strays broke into our group, including a strange Armenian man who tried to kiss me. Mostly, we stuck to our small group of old and new friends. The night got a little wild. There were shirts unbuttoned and grabs at bare chests (ok, so the bare chests were male, but still). We rounded the night out with a Michael Jackson song, only to venture into the original bar/room to hear 2 more Jackson songs as patrons exited the bar. Either Europeans really <3 the king of pop, or they were paying high tribute. Outside the bar, we shrieked with delight "we partied until the sun came up!" It was only 3 am, but certainly the dawn of a new day. We ate hotdogs, danced, and sang as we made the walk back to the apartment. Staying up until 4:30 the night (morning) before flying across the pond is a risky decision. Luckily, we all (mostly) survived. Note to travelers: don't bank on a McDonalds at the airport to help you recover from the night before. We did find some pizza and waters (with and without gas) to help our cause. We had a wonderful last night in Sweden, we hope our hosts did as well.
Happy European Vacationing has come to an end. It was the trip of a lifetime, with amazing friends, and wonderful hosts. Tak (thank you).

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