September 24, 2009

Oh, really?

I've had things to write about, without really a way to write about them. I guess, in a way, words have escaped me. So, that's why I was on blog-hiatus.
In trying to think of a post topic, I was reminded of recent conversations and past life experiences. Here's a list of observances in human nature...
a smile or simple "hello" from a stranger can really brighten my day.
A genuine compliment warms your heart, and sticks in your head.
some people can't see past themselves.
Attitude is about 80% of your mood, sometimes more.
Expect the worst, and you'll get it. Expect the most, and you've got a chance.
If a friend is acting out of character, you can bet there is a reason why.
some of the most important conversations I've ever had, I hardly spoke a word. I was busy listening.
sometimes crying does make you feel better.
your true friends come in, when it feels like the rest of the world is on their way out.
simple pleasures are all around us. Stop and smell the flowers.

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