September 2, 2009


That was the sound of summer flying by!
Seems like every year, around this time, things get chaotic. Perhaps it's reminiscent of my going-back-to-school days. Maybe it's the shorter days, the cooler evenings. Could be the threat of summer ending. Could just be the time of year.
The whole summer feels like it whizzed right by. There was so much that I did, too, I can't believe it's all in the past now. I guess my summer chaos started off with meeting a wonderful guy - McGruff, during opening week of the Twins season. Soon after that, softball started and trip-planning went into high-gear. There were numerous late-into-the-night dates, dinners with the girls to hammer out travel plans, golf, family things, cabins, and so on. My usually busy summer schedule was put to shame by my crazy-busy summer this year.
It wasn't until late June that we headed across the pond to visit Scandanavia. My 3 girls and I planned diligently in the months leading up to the trip. It was all well worth it. Of course, 10 days filled with sight-seeing and running about goes quickly. We returned on the 4th of July, at the peak of summer fun. Getting back on MN time took a few days, and led right into a lot going on. Between 3 family birthdays, wedding showers and bachelorette parties, weddings, friend birthdays, making wedding invitations, and regular goings-ons, it's been a lot of (exhausting) fun! I haven't had a free weekend since the end of July. You can imagine how quickly that time goes by. As the weather grows colder and the mornings get darker, I shall not let summer dim, unnoticed. I plan on continuing my busy (slightly chaotic) lifestyle. In the next few weeks, there'll be: cabin, family weekend, Chicago, happy hour(s), and girls nights. So, the weather may be changing, but the fun never ends.

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