December 29, 2009


You may recall my first adult-life tennis attempt this past summer.
Last night, McGruff and I headed to a different kind of court to test my racket skills.
Let me first say that rackets are not as long as hockey sticks, nor softball bats, this must be taken into consideration when attempting to swing at a ball. Secondly, I prance. Yep. The sports-girl who tackles and doesn't back down to cocky boys prances. When I swing a racket, it's a little like a ballet (note, I've never taken dance lessons, so that's not saying a whole lot). I fling my leg up behind me and hop towards the ball.
Anyway... last night, we tried racketball.
There's a good chance I'm in love.
So, I've been in need of some exercise recently. Running on a treadmill or elliptical is not exactly fun. Running outside makes my lungs feel like they are made of ice.
I ran/pranced from wall to wall, swung, missed, hit myself, and sweated buckets. It was great. Of course, MG and I had several good laughs, too.
50 minutes of running around was the best workout I've had in a long time. I think my heart rate was near 200 for most of it. The time went quickly, though.
I think I found a new workout sport.
It's great that I found a guy who I can be around, while I look like a complete dorky fool (which I am, sometimes)... and he just laughs at me.
I like when the ball smashes into the wall, eratically flying back at us. I really like when the ball hits so hard it makes a squeally ffff-pwaht against the wall. I don't like hitting off the back wall. I'm not yet coordinated enough to do this successfully. Perhaps with a little more practice.

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