December 19, 2006

That Girl

(Listening to Free Bird by Lynard Skynard would be appropriate)

There is this girl I know who is amazing! She’s gorgeous, only she’d respond to that comment with a look of disgust. She’s ridiculously intelligent…and she knows it. She’s exceptionally kind, she’s giving up her life here to save the world. And for so many reasons, I admire her greatly.

For the past 12 years, I have gotten to know this girl. After meeting her over some Bath & Body Works pear lotion in English class our Freshman year of high school, our relationship has developed into a deep, great friendship…complete with late night phone calls and racey conversations. There is no secret that I cannot divulge to her. She’s seen me at my lowest and grabbed me by the hand to pull me through. She’s listened to my craziest of stories, thoughts, ideas…and she’s always helped me figure out a way to make things work. She’s been there for me whenever I’ve needed her…and she’s been a friend in ways I didn’t even know I needed a friend to be. It’s nearly inconceiveable the amount of advice, support, love, and encouragement this one person has given me, particularly over the last 14 months. I am truly, truly grateful for her presence in my life. I wish everyone in life to have a friend half as amazing as she is. And in her looming departure I wish her luck, happiness, and the greatest of successes. She deserves all of that and so much more. I cannot wait to hear of the adventures she is about to embark upon. I will miss her greatly. But I love her and I wish her the best in her journey.

No, Jennie… this is not about you. I know you’re kind of a big deal, but it’s not always about you. ☺

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