April 20, 2007

wanted: one muse

damn. with jennie (my bff) gone to Paraguay, my rediculous adventures have been lacking lately (not that i haven't been having a good tiime with all of my other friends, but i do miss jennie & her random adventures & stories a real lot - i think that is weighing my heart down, at least a little)...and, perhaps its only partly related, but i appear to have lost my muse as well...i'm not entirely certain what my muse is, but it seems to have vanished all together. it's completely gone...my creative juices have hardened into stone and i'm just not feeling it any more...i can't write, i can't draw...i'm pretty much incappable of even semi-successfully taking on any creative project...and it sucks. so here is my plea: muse, if you're out there somewhere, hiding in the depths of my heart, please come back out to play...I miss you.

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