April 27, 2007

invitation unwelcome

yesteday i got an intersting piece of mail...it was from one of those online dating services. granted it was not addressed specifically to me, I believe the address was something to the effect of "Single Persons in the Household of..." - but, seriously...mass mailings for internet dating services? um, so not going to intice me to sign up. my roommate, who brought the mail in last night, handed me a stack that included that piece...and she said "what did you sign up for?" she figured i must have put my name on some list or marked some box somewhere labeling me "single" (she is fortunate enough to be in a committed relationship...). Anyway, this much-disputed and unfavored piece of mail has riased countless questions for me...beginning with...
1. who is going to sign up for online dating because of some junk mail they receieved?
2. how did they get our address...what mail list did they purchase & why were we on it?
3. can i put my name on a "do not mail list" ???

anyway, here i am single girl, who apparently needs mail to help me find a date. but, whatevs. online dating is great, for those who choose to participate. me? i'm a more old-fashioned girl, i guess. i prefer passing notes in study hall...or some other more grown-up equivelant. truth be told, i think meeting that special someone should happen more naturally than sifting through online profiles (you can argue the positives of online dating, i get it, its just not for me). besides that, i have three very valid reasons that i refuse to participate in online dating:
a) its way to easy to lie about ANY and EVERYTHING online
b) people can appear as normal as they want on "paper"
c) (and perhaps most importantly) i am notoriously an awful judge of character.
that being said - thank you Mr. Mail Person for delivering my invitation to online dating, but I'll pass. Perhaps I'll hand my number out to the psycho sitting at the end of the bar...

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Tim said...

Wait, so you didn't want that info mailed to you? Dang it. My bad.

I'll do you one better: There are signs on the onramp to 36 from 35 W south/Cleveland that simply say "St Anthony Singles" and a phone number.

Now, I can see some junk mail generating some hits on a website for single people...but a sign on an onramp? Seriously. Someone somewhere thought it was likely that a driver would write a phone number down as they're whipping around a curve? I don't....I tried and crashed.