May 30, 2007

sound of music

I'm pretty adventurous in most aspects of my is not one of them. i'm trying to fix that. I commissioned my favorite music snob, Katie, to help me broaden my music horizons. (And when I say "commissioned" I, of course, mean I bribed her with wine and Grey's Anatomy). At any rate, I have to admit that I'm really excited about new music. Katie scolded me for only listening to 3 songs on my Very Best of Prince CD...ok, I ventured out and have listened to the entire CD several times now. What'dya know - this Prince guy is pretty awesome! I still am not overly fond of the Party Like its 1999 song...having graduated that year, I think I ODed on hearing the song too much. But the rest of the cd is pretty kick-ass. Katie also made me a mixed "tape" of 20 songs, with the intent of introducing me to new artists and different genres. Music snob or not, Katie knows her stuff! There is only one song on the cd that I'm not in love with. The rest of the songs range from my new favorite song EVER (Chemical Party by Gavin DeGraw) to songs I have to pump up the volume and sing along to (My Favorite Game by the Cardigans). A few other new faves: Crush with Eyeliner (REM), The Way We Get By (Spoon), Ossining (Mike Doughty), and Penny on the Train Track (Ben Kweller). Perhaps the rest of you knew about all of this music long ago & think I'm a complete idiot for just learning of it. Well, whatevs, at least I'm learning. If you have any music recommendations or want to hear more about my mixed "tape" let me know.
for now...turn up the volume, roll down the windows, and rock out!


Ben said...

So-called 'music snob' Katie gets props from me for the Spoon and M. Doughty.

Be sure to keep FOAM (yeah, I went with the acronym) readers posted on your new musical discoveries.

Kathleen said...

hooray!!!! i am ready to make you more "tapes". i started out with some easy to get into some stuff, now we'll dig even deeper. what song don't you like? xoxox .