May 16, 2007

Sporadic 100

(thanks for the blog idea, Kate)
Katie didn't have any great stories to tell, so she wrote about 100 things...and I thought it was cool, so I'm copying it. They say copying is the highest form of flattery. (I don't know who "they" is)

Here goes:
1. I own my own house
2. I don't like strawberry flavored things, and actual strawberries are just ok
3. I have to balance sweet with salty
4. I'm a creative type A personality (which seems contradictory)
5. I'm constantly trying to better myself
6. I'm not really scared of anything
7. I'll try anything once
8. I played in the first state hockey tournament for girls
9. I'm super talkative
10. I love mob movies
11. I like drama on tv, not in my life
12. I am very much an optimist
13. I try to approach love and cooking with reckless abandonment
14. I love to cook
15. I wish I had more than just me to cook for
16. breaking hearts is hard
17. having your heart broken is hard, too
18. I'm a tv junkie
19. I'm a very clean person
20. I like to run, but sometimes my knees hurt and I can't
21. I have a shoe fetish
22. I'm a nurturer
23. I love to go shopping, mostly by myself
24. I'm a bargain shopper
25. I like both red and white wine...just depends on my mood
26. I'm happy hanging out alone
27. I try to be a photographer...I like photography
28. I love my nephew
29. I get along well with my family
30. I'm a crier
31. I wear my heart on my sleeve
32. I prefer not to rock the boat
33. I work two jobs, and have for a long time
34. It takes a lot to push my limits, but once you have that's it
35. I'm very independent
36. I'm not really opinionated
37. I started my college career thinking I wanted to be an Athletic Trainer, then changed to Marketing, and ended up a Graphic Designer
38. I would do anything in my power to make my family & friends happy
39. life is great, but if you don't have anyone to share it with, it means nothing
40. I golf
41. I like fresh grilled vegetables
42. I was mostly a vegetarian in college
43. I've had mono
44. the older I get, the girlier I become
45. last winter I was addicted to My Space
46. I love Impressionist art
47. My favorite painting is Sunday Afternoon on the Island Grande Jaratte by George Seurat
48. Its on display at the Chicago Institute of Art...and I have yet to see it
49. I've been to Chicago 4 times
50. I have a good memory for tv and song lyrics, but an otherwise poor memory
51. I love the spring and warm breezes
52. I like wearing skirts
53. I've been to Hawaii, Mexico, and Canadaa and on 3 cruises in the Caribbean
54. I want to tour Italy
55. I love pasta...pretty much any kind of pasta
56. I want a dog, but I have a small yard and am not home much
57. My grandpa worked at a candy factory when I was a kid
58. I worked at a candy factory for 5 weeks
59. I get slap happy when I'm over-tired
60. I am a night person, not a morning person
61. When I'm in pain or sick I rub my feet together
62. I refused to go in the same room as the casket at my great grandma's funeral, I didn't want to remember her that way
63. My great grandma had alzheimers, but outlived my grandpa (her son)
64. I'm a practical person
65. I have two grandmas
66. my cousins are almost all girls (5 of 7)
67. I'm the youngest in my family by 6 years
68. I once asked my mom if I was an "oops" and she said she planned on me (but wasn't sure my dad did)
69. my dad told me he wanted a new pick-up truck, and my mom wanted another baby...and he got the best of both situations
70. I went around in the dryer 3 times when I was 2 years old
71. unless I'm really tired, I can't sleep with someone touching me
72. I finish projects and things on-time, but I'm a good procrastinator
73. I've wanted to run away from life several times, but never have
74. I've always gotten along with boys really well
75. I love Sunday football
76. I prefer college hockey
77. I lost 15-20 lbs my freshman year of college
78. I don't drink pop
79. too much caffeine makes me feel the blood pump through my veins
80. I love hosting parties and gatherings
81. I'm not really political
82. I remember everything that happened on two days in my life: the day my friend died and Sept. 11, 2000
83. I'm anal retentive about money
84. I like to volunteer...right now I tutor a 1st grader in reading
85. I think stay at home moms are awesome
86. I'm greatful for the friendships I've re-established or made in the past 2 years
87. I tend to please others before myself
88. my artistic talents (or lack thereof) come out once in a while
89. I became a designer because my intro to art teacher told me I was good at it (I didn't know what he was talking about)
90. when I have no idea what's going on I just smile and nod my head
91. I think most of my friends are smarter than me
92. shhh, please don't tell my friends
93. I admire a lot of my friends for their different strengths and attributes
94. I'm a doer...I don't sit still well
95. sometimes my family underestimates me, I think it's because I'm the youngest
96. I love happy accidents, they are so much better than anything that's expected or planned for
97. sometimes I get shy around boys I like ...which is completely opposite of my true personality
98. my brother gave me the nickname melon when I was in Jr. High...somehow it stuck for about 10 years, I hated it.
99. i would rather make myself unhappy than someone else
100. I'm happy

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