June 1, 2007

cross that off

random things I've already managed to do in life...(by age 26)
1. white water rafted
2. camped in the mountains on horseback
3. saw Hawaii
4. cruised through the Caribbean
5. danced on a bar in Mexico
6. jet skied in the ocean
7. met a professional athlete (or 6+ of them)
8. conducted a tv interview
9. flew in a WWII open-air cockpit 2-seater plane
10. got proposed to in a cab in San Francisco
11. climbed a waterfall
12. swam with stingrays
13. caught a marlin & yellow fin tuna deep sea fishing
14. had a monkey sit on my shoulder
15. witnessed a bull fight
16. worked at a candy factory
17. saw Ol' Faithful and Mt. Rushmore
18. wrote a blog...that you at least read :)


willikat said...

fun! you are great! this is a good ide.a i don't have such a fun list, but i think i'll copy you. :)

Ben said...

Nice list. I'm only at 2 out of 18, though, which seems pretty weak!

You helped inspire a list of my own.

Ted said...

19. Played on a softball infield with Ted Carlson.