June 6, 2007

...go back to bed

this morning, I strongly considered turning my car around, going home and going back to bed for an hour or two and trying this all over again...

as I was pulling out of the driveway this morning, I hit the garage door button - nothing. dammit, the stupid garage door isn't working again. after pushing the button 3 more times, I decide to go check the sensors, they haven't been the problem in the past, but maybe this time they are. what'dya know...one of the sensors isn't lined up. sweet - problem solved. alright, i need fuel...both for the car and me. so i swing through the nearby oasis market for gas and coffee. (everything goes smoothly here - phew). all week work has been kicking my ass for the entire day, so i haven't had any time to run up to the cash machine and replenish my stash. since i actually left the house early today (and am not overly concerned with being late to work), I swung by wells fargo. as i'm waiting for the drive-up atm machine, mmm, that coffee looks good. except when i go to pick it up, it explodes. coffee comes shooting out of the top of the cup, like a geyser. crap. i quickly assess the situation - ok, didn't get any on me, don't have to go home and change, cup-holders are full and some on the center counsel. ok, i can handle this...shoot, only one napkin in the car, well that's going to be for my hands - sorry car. it's my turn for the atm machine, so I pull up & request my cash. man, this atm machine is really slow, it's been "processing transaction" for like 2-3 minutes now. then the atm machine spits my card back out & briefly flashes some red warning text, all of which I can read is "Transaction cannot be completed..." and then the warning vanishes. what the hell? oh (looks at card), it's expired. grrr.
now, I'm not sure if the garage door counts as a strike against me for the day, being that I got it to work...so I'm either at two strikes, or I'm out. at any rate, this morning has been a comedy of errors for me...I hope the rest of the day goes a bit more smoothly.
(and don't worry, a stop at a second gas station helped me clean up the coffee mess).
hope my story made you laugh, because I sure am :)

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willikat said...

whoa dude. that's a lot of badness in the morning. tagged ya for a meme over at my blog, go check it out.