June 13, 2007

fashion v. function: a time-tested theory

the clothing debate:
there are two types of people in this world (very few fall into limbo between these two categories) there are the shoppers and the non-shoppers. the shoppers tend to be more fashion-conscience . the non-shoppers, while still wanting to look good, tend to not be as driven by fashion, but more by function (certainly the polar opposite of the fashion-over-function model that shoppers follow).
although not mutually exclusive: men tend to fall into the non-shopper category, while women fall into the shopper category. (of course, there is an exception to every rule...enter the metro-sexual). for my sanity (because I do get easily confused) and for your readership, I will be stereotypical and mostly apply the shopper category to women & the non-shopper category to men. Please no one take offense, because I have great respect and admiration for the shopping man!
at any rate... enough explanation. this morning, as i was getting dressed for work several mitigating factors came to mind in regards to my outfit: 1) important meeting today, must dress up 2) my office is usually pretty cold 3) it's hot outside & generally warm at the clients office. Besides those things, I am also extremely aware that different outfits say different things about me. girls have a lot of different aspects to be aware of when they get dressed. when debating between pants, skirts, dresses and tops to wear today, i suddenly wished for the ease of dressing as a man. if i were a boy...this morning i would have picked out a pair of pants, dress shirt and tie and been done. although i love being a girl and dressing fun, flirty, and sometimes even sexy (gasp), there is a certain allure to the limited (and entirely socially acceptable) wardrobe a man has. this is so not the case for girls (with the exception of the rarely encountered fashionably-challenged female).. Falling into the "shopper" category, there is a certain amount of pressure on me to dress well, but never wear the same outfit in the company of the same people twice. sure, most of this pressure is needlessly applied by myself, but its still there. the funny thing is - even with my exorberant amount of clothing choices (Hi my name is Angie & I'm addicted to shopping) I still often think i have nothing to wear. in which case, me having the limited clothing options of a man would be very bad. i guess i should just suck it up, realize that i have many options and many different looks and say "variety is the spice of life." my life is full of days where it's fashion over function, i'm a shopper, its just the way it is.
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(caveat: this blog was meant to be funny...I really hope it was, if you didn't find it funny - you suck!).

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