June 19, 2007

running in circles

summer is supposed to be a "slow" time in the creative world. with many businesses turning to summer hours and employees vacationing, companies tend to put advertising and marketing initiatives aside for colder months. i guess someone forgot to send out the "it's the summer slow-down" memo, because things are busier than ever around here. working in advertising/communications you get used to the ebb and flow of things. one day i'm swamped with work, only to be twiddling my thumbs and searching the internet for great deals at target the next. it's definitely a roller coaster work-flow here. for the past 2.5 weeks or so, its been an all up-hill swing. several large- to ginormous -sized projects have come through. and a few of them being electronic/web projects...i'm the only one in the office who can work on those. job security at its finest. job security that has been adding up to long days at the office. fortunately for me, my boss happened to call in to check his messages last night at about 8:00, surprised to find me answering the phone, he realized just how much i was working and offered me a comped vacation day. (WOO HOO, i'll take it...can i use it tomorrow?...oh, no because i have too much to do. ok, well i think i'll be heading to the beach one of these days). although the days have been long & busy lately knowing i can take an extra day off helps.
ok...back to work...

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willikat said...

yay comp day! maybe you could take it on a friday when i have a half day and we could head ot the beach!