July 30, 2007

brown baggin it

this morning, I quickly threw together a pb & j sandwich, grabbed the remaining sun chips and headed off to work. having not made dinner at home since, gosh, last tuesday night, I had no left overs for lunch today. lately I haven't been home to cook myself dinner but (maybe) once a week. this creates a more challenging lunch routine for me. I'm pretty good at making too much food for dinner, in assurance that I will have something delicious for lunch the next day. all summer, I've had to resort to pre-packaged lunches and the occasional trip to the deli next door at the noon-time hour. the trouble is, my budget wasn't built for eating out so often (if I'm only home to cook one night a week, I've been buying a few dinners out, as well). and, if you know me...you know that i'm a pretty budget-conscious person. i'm not much of a frivolous spender (still a shoe-aholic, but no one's perfect). at any rate, i was looking for good lunch-on-the-cheap ideas...if you've got 'em, I want to hear 'em. (a wrench thrown in... I'm a pseudo-semi-vegetarian & rarely eat meat).

ok, so perhaps this blog is not so entertaining to you, the reader. but i really would appreciate your ideas...I'll be your best friend =)

(sorry, i'll try to be a better blogger from now on...I've been lacking humor and, well, excitement as of late).

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Jane Johnson said...

I have no good advice...I'm awful about bringing lunch. And subway is pretty much my only other option at work. I also like the leftover lunch...but now Ben eats everything so I have no leftovers. I'm a fan of soup...which is cheap and easy. That's my only suggestion...oh and sometimes i bring a whole thing of bagels and cream cheese to last me the week.