July 24, 2007

Robots in Disguise

I'm a kid of the 80's, I remember watching the Transformer's cartoon and playing with the neighbor boys' Transformer action figures. (although, I'm a young enough child of the 80's to only have a vague recollection of said events).

Last night Mike & I went to see Transformers. I fully admit, I would not have picked it as my movie-of-choice. As the movie started, I wondered how much of my old Transformers knowledge would come rushing back to me. I have to say - maybe I didn't have much Transformers knowledge to begin with, only a few things seemed remotely familiar to me. That aside, I thought the movie was awesome!

First off, watching two machines duke it out hard core was pretty sweet. The special affects of the Transformers changing from vehicle to robot were fantastic. The cars, particularly Jazz (Pontiac Solstice) and Bumble Bee (Camero) were awesome, too. Megan Fox plays a wicked girl hero. She's totally bad-ass, a bit sassy, but deep down a good kid. Although she's rather, un-necessarily ,provocatively dressed during the movie - she does save the day more than once (and I admit...she's smokin' hot). It's not all too often that good action movies have a solid girl hero that I can really stand behind, but Megan plays a motor-head who shows up her co-star, Shaia LeBauf's (sp?)character. I love the anti-stereo-types.

Shaia was pretty great as well. He plays a kinda dorky kid with a bit of coming-of-age, and I thought pulled it off well. I found myself cheering loudly (inside my head, of course, so as not to disturb the other theater-goers). Any movie that has me cringing at the bad guys and rooting (loudly) for the good ones has definitely done something right. About half way through the movie I decided I wanted to be a transformer! All-in-all I would say: That was TOTALLY WICKED!!
(if you can name where that quote is from...A+ for you!

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