September 13, 2007

just killin' time

let's see...things I wish for, right now:
my allergies to magically disappear
a nap
an afternoon on the couch watching movies and hanging out
pj pants
a blanket

current situation: at work, moving & re-moving columns in a catalog, trying to make everything fit.
listening to: The Jayhawks CD (for like the 4th time already today...because I'm too lazy to change the CD)
bad news: my computer is nearing its death, I fear, it is having increasing difficult displaying things properly (which is very troublesome for a designer). I worry that it will crash and die before I am approved to get a replacement. One of my two hard drives crashed a few months ago (like 7 or so), yet here I am, trying to make things work. I can only have a limited number of programs open at once and doing simple tasks, like deleting a row in a table, can make my computer go wonky & force me to restart. It's a tough balancing-act between productivity and computer survival. Keep your fingers crossed that I get a new computer, soon.
good news: a print rep is taking Bob & I out to lunch today. Yum...second work-lunch this week =)


willikat said...

walkin' on down the rooooooadd..... yeah, and what is UP with allergies this season? killer.

Jane Johnson said...

I definately sympathize with the computer thing...I finally got a new one about four months ago, but it was hell before then.

And, yeah....yesterday I was miserable and Ben says, "I thought people had allergies in the spring." Oh no, my friend...I assure you this is not the case.