September 14, 2007

Curious George Goes to the Museum

First off, I'm always wanting to go to new places and try new things. The hard part is either I'm lazy or unimaginative, but I have a hard time seeking out these new experiences. So, I'm hoping to take a lesson from Curious George and venture out for new experiences. Here is my first post regarding George...

Tomorrow, the Man in the Yellow Hat is taking Curious George to the art museum. George is very excited to go to the museum. She likes all of the pretty colors and wonderful pictures. Although George has been to other museums and is fairly well versed in art, she has never been to this art museum...where they have her favorite kind of art - Impressionist Art.
George's excitement is further stoked by the memory of her recent and first museum-encounter with Impressionist Art, which was in Chicago. Her favorite painting is housed at the Chicago Institute of Art, and she was awed to finally see George Seurat's "Sunday Afternoonon the Island Grande Jaratte" in person.
Look for George's review of her trip to the art museum.
Thanks Man in the Yellow Hat, in advance, for taking me.
-Curious George

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