September 18, 2007


Not Missing in Action - Minneapolis Institute of Art.
Curious George's first trip to the museum was a pretty good one. Art is always astonishing when viewed in person. It's amazing to think of the time and effort that goes into one masterpiece. Amazing to think how old some of those paintings/sculptures are. Amazing to think of how many pieces of art some artists have created.
After my Chicago trip, I was rather intrigued by the magnitude and amount of impressionist art the CIA museum holds. In about an hour and a half, we ventured only through the Impressionism exhibit and some furniture (which was un-real). That stoked my expectations and desires for my trip to the MIA. Although the MIA houses a great deal of art, its collection of "really famous" work isn't as impressive as the CIA's. There was one piece from Monet, which was exceptional. And there was one small painting by Seurat, which I was very attracted to. It was interesting to see a small-scale painting by Seurat after drinking in the rather large canvas Sunday Afternoon is painted on. I was once again intrigued by the pointilism, but was still surprised to see how dull the colors were. When I studied pointilism and impressionism in college, I always imagined the slides were really washed out and the actual paintings were filled with vibrant colors - this is sometimes the case, but not very often.
The pieces at the MIA which caught my eye the most were the hand-carved furniture, often with inlaid mother of pearl and other jewels. AMAZING! I wanted to take one home with me. All-in-all it was a good trip to the MIA.

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