September 28, 2007

the office

I was reading an interview of Steve Carell in ELLE magazine yesterday. Pretty funny stuff.
Steve is actually a pretty laid-back guy, not the side-stitcher in everyday life. Many of the questions that ELLE posed to Carell were in reference to his character from The Office - Michael Scott. One question inquired if people admitted to Steve to committing some of the same office crimes as Michael Scott.
Steve's response was to the effect of: no. If you are Michael Scott, you don't see anything wrong with what you are doing. You are unaware of those things. But every office has a Michael Scott, so if you don't know a Michael Scott, you are a Michael Scott.

And it's so true! Looking back on past jobs and having heard countless stories from friends and family, every office DOES have a Michael Scott!

Care to share any stories about your past/present Michael Scott? I'd love to hear them!

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