October 10, 2007

quiet riot

when i walk past you on the sidewalk, at the mall, or in the sky way...keep your comments to yourself. i really don't care what you think of my walk, my ass, my body, or anything else. i guess your mother forgot to teach you - if you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything at all. and "hey, baby, you lookin' fine" isn't considered nice. actually, it's offensive. i don't want to be looked up and down, and i don't want you to lick your lips or blow kisses. i don't want to hear your critique of my body either. fact is, these rude outbursts make me want to run away from you. i will under NO circumstances stop to talk to anyone who treats me this way. if you are making "mmmm" noises like you just tasted the most delicious food of your life to get my attention, might i give you a hint - STOP!

Following is a (sadly) true story of an encounter I had at the liquor store over the summer...I wish it hadn't happened, but none the less...

standing in line at the liquor store checkout, I couldn't help but notice the gentleman across the counter, who was rather boisterous. multiple times, this man referred to the young boy (about 8 years old) who was with him as n""""" (i'm sure you can figure out their ethnicity). this certainly caught my attention and annoyed me. (i don't believe in using that word for any reason - not even in a rap song). after shouting derogatory words and demands at the child several times, the man and child left the store. (phew, i thought...i'm glad he's gone). i paid for my items and headed out of the store. bad luck. the man (and child) were still getting into the car. "hey" i hear. and being the dumb girl i am (and afraid of ignoring people because they may harm me) i said hey and kept walking. "you want to come to a party?" (shit, i think) "no, already going to a party. bye" (god, why is my car still 3 spots away?!?!) "why don't you come to my party? i mean you lookin' fine. mmm, look at them legs." (finally, at my car) "sorry. bye"

damn people & their thinking they can just be obnoxious & people will want to talk to them. well I don't! it's the whole squeaky wheel gets the grease analogy. there are lots of nice people out there, who i never get a chance to talk to because bozo-the-annoying is too loud for me to stop walking. give me a polite (if even shy) guy. leave your obnoxiousness at home.

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willikat said...

that's right! you tell 'em!